MythFlix is a MythTV plug-in for managing your Netflix queue from MythTV. It currently supports the ability to view your queue and add movies to your queue. The browse feature is based on the Netflix RSS feeds. This plug in is not very mature, which means things might not work right and/or it might break other things.



MythFlix has been incorporate into the MythTV project. This site no longer contains the most recent code. To get the most recent version you must check out the last source from the MythTV project


  • Crypt:SSLeay Perl Library


To browse movies MythFlix uses the RSS feeds from NetFlix, no screen scrapping. To select which RSS feeds you want, go to the configuration page. A list of available RSS feeds are presented. Select the ones you want. Then select “Browse” from the main MythFlix menu to see the avaliable movies. When you see a movie you want press ‘Enter’. This will add the movie to your queue. To view your queue select “Queue” from the main MythFlix menu.


This work was derived from MythNews.